Digital Signage

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Why Use Digital Signage?

Digital screens placed around your hotel can change the way your guests and employees think, feel, and act.

Digital signage is already a feature in many hotels, and the major international groups such as Hilton and Marriott are using sophisticated systems to deliver their messages.

A digital signage network can be as simple as a single screen showing messages behind the Reception desk, or as complex as a network of screens all around the hotel, delivering a mixture of real-time information, promotion, and 'leisure' content.

Digital signage is very flexible, and can be set up to deliver ever-changing messages that meet your business needs and speak specifically to your guests and employees.

The benefits of digital signage compared with the use of more traditional means of promotion (for example mailshots etc.) are:

  • Flexibility
  • Centralised control
  • Up-to-the-minute adaptability
  • Increased consumer enjoyment and empowerment

Capture Attention

You have only a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention. With colourful and dynamic content, digital signage is an effective tool to capture attention so that your message has a focused audience when it is delivered. You can use news, animation, music, and special offers to draw people in.

Enhance Your Brand

Digital signage can keep your hotel or group’s brand image ever-present and help you build the associations you want. The right content can create feelings of familiarity, value, comfort, and security.

Educate And Merchandise

One large hotel group discovered that room sales increased when their digital signs promoted special offers at other hotels within the group. In fact, the digital screens educated not only the guests but the reception staff too.

Create Atmosphere

Relaxing music and images help people feel comfortable and calm. Studies have shown that digital signs reduce perceived wait time. Put simply, if people have something interesting to watch, they don’t mind waiting quite so much. Digital screens can also help advertise and build anticipation of a specific event, for example Happy Hour in the bar.


Happy customers spend more. With digital signage, you can stream engaging and entertaining content to ensure that your customers are as happy as possible.

The potential applications of digital signage in your hotel are limited only by your imagination – some examples might be:

Main Entrance

At the main entrance to your hotel, a small screen showing content to entice wavering potential guests into the hotel. Perhaps the room rates, a selection of highlights from the menu, and some photos of the bedrooms, bar, and restaurant

Welcome Board

In the main reception area, a free-standing screen welcoming guests to the hotel, showing who is Duty Manager at the moment, and directing conference delegates to their rooms


As your guests check in, a larger screen behind the receptionist showing check-in information such as the opening times of the restaurant. This could alternate with real-time news, weather, and travel information, and promotion of other services within the hotel, or other hotels within the group. Special upcoming events such as Mother’s day may also be showcased


At the entrance to the restaurant, information about the opening times and the menu


Behind the bar, promotion of other services within the hotel, or other hotels within the group. Perhaps details of a ‘cocktail of the day’ sponsored by a supplier

Conference Rooms

At each conference room, a small (say 30cm) panel showing the name of the room and the name or logo of the company using the room

Whatever your plans for Digital Signage within your hotel, we have the technology to build your network and keep the content looking fresh and relevant. Contact us to discuss your ideas!

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